I must be getting old. Quantico and Camp Perry

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Re: I must be getting old. Quantico and Camp Perry

Post by Rod »

John0313 wrote:
Sat Dec 31, 2022 7:13 am
Ahh, the good old days! Those shooting service rifle (or “Highpower” as we called it back then) now can’t believe that the matches at Quantico were so well attended that we would fill up range 4, and the overflow went to Range 3 - all 4 relays! I think we had more shooting at the Mid-Atlantic Match back then than now shoot the Nationals. Very sad.
It’s sad that the matches aren’t as well attended as they used to be. I’m surprised really. The venue and its organisation was superb.

The social life was pretty good too. One of the parties that we attended after the competition was finished.
The huts that we stayed in. Definitely not the Hilton but the price was right. $5 or so bucks a night IIRC.
I was in fine form when this photo was taken. Drinking OP rum …and then one of the locals introduced me to Moon Shine 🙈

And that’s it 👍

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Re: I must be getting old. Quantico and Camp Perry

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Oh man!! The huts!!…we used to get ours, set off some of those D-con insecticide bombs to kill all the damned spiders and other critters, then throw a portable A/C unit in the window and it was home for a few days. What memories you’re bringing back!!…I have to go pull some pics from the archives now to see what I still have. Thank you Rod!
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