8.6 Blackout

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8.6 Blackout

Post by Billspe »

Hi BlaserBuds,
Hope you’re all well. I’ve been following with increased interest the development of this successor to .300 Blackout, designed to hunt elk or even larger game with both subsonic and supersonic ammo with monometal .338 bullets using the bolt and magazine for a .308. I hope to take the plunge on a suppressor if Blaser ever creates a 8.6 BLK R8 barrel.

Anyone share my interest in 8.6 Blackout?

How does Blaser determine for which new calibers to create R8 barrels?

Thank you

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Re: 8.6 Blackout

Post by SPEEDY »

I doubt very much that blaser will bring one out, a 1:3 or 1:4 twist might be a problem with their barrel making process.
It's an interesting round although it's hard to know, exactly what velocity you will get from one at the top end, there's a, few, conflicting accounts.
If your a, suppressor hunter I can see it's, appeal but I think in a bolt gun I'd rather a fast twist 338fed instead.

Those short subsonic cases are really only built for AR platforms and they aren't really the best option in anything else, not if they have a usable twist rate anyway.
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Re: 8.6 Blackout

Post by Corson »

Im working on getting a 375 raptor barrel. Shoots larger subs with 1/3 more energy that the 8.6. Mostly wanting it for suppressor/thermal setup on pigs. Its 1/8 twist so alot easer to get a barrel blank also. Its definitely not for everyone

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